Can't add my EufyCams

Hi all, have had the EufyCam homebase and 2 original cams and 2 recent cams for months, pleased as punch. However, after the last update, my cams went offline, weren’t visible. I restarted the HomeBase via the app and by manual button, cycled my router, still no luck. Removed the cameras, and couldn’t add them back. Removed the HomeBase, added them back, but now still can’t add the cams back. Have tried restarting several times, turned cameras off by pressing sync 5 times in 3 secs to get multiple beeps prior to trying to add again, and have ensured my cams are charged. Anyone have any other guidance?

if nothing works support is there to help

@deipnandi Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Regards to this issue, please refer to the following information:
-Please press the SYNC button for 2 seconds until you hear a beep, and make sure if there is a white light on the camera? If the light is red, please try to charge the camera.
-Please make sure the light in front of the home base is white and the LED light on the camera is white when the camera is pairing with the home base.
-If you still cannot connect the camera to the APP, please press the SYNC button on the camera ten times to reset it, and then press the SYNC button for 2 seconds until you hear a beep to add the camera.

If the issue still persists, we would be appreciated that if you could send a video about the process of adding the camera and the following information to our support email address(

  • A screenshot or pdf of the invoice from your purchase (or a picture of the receipt if it was bought at a store) to confirm the order number
  • Your current shipping address
  • The serial number of the camera, normally located on the camera.
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This is weird, never heard this before. Thanks for the quick response @AnkerSupport :thumbsup:
@deipnandi Hope these instructions will help, any case let us know how it worked out for the sake of fellow community members. :sunglasses: