Can't access Anker site from my phone!

get this nag screen, can’t see a way around it.

Checkout this X in the top right corner of your screenshot. Select that to close the screen :grin:


There is a small cross/ close near top, right

Close it and you can go to Anker site


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It probably wasn’t the best idea making a black x on a black background… :joy:

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Probably trying to hide it to get people to enter lol


This is showing up since the event was launched, had tough time to figure out where the X was :triumph:

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Yeah it’s annoying

Sneaky sneaky. :stuck_out_tongue:

possibly underpaid web designer :joy:

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Never seen that pop up. Maybe my ad-blocker is doing its job

Dang that x is so hard to see but I naturally just start clicking the corners when adds pop up

Lol it’s not an ad…

Lol I thought it was since it was getting blocked :joy:

Some browser addons treat them as pop-up / banners and get blocked, it was blocked on my desktop browser but not on iPhone.

I use beta-blockers! :joy: