Cannot update EufyCam E firmware!

I’ve been trying to update the homebase firmware and every time I click in the app on Device Info->Check for HomeBase firmware, it says: Latest firmware is available: If I click update, it says the update will take a few minutes but it never actually updates. I’ll keep seeing that there’s an update available for

Any ideas how I can get the firmware to actually update? Is there another way to do that than through the app?

Within the app, make sure to set it to auto update. Then leave leave it for a day or two, sometimes trying to force the update wont work but letting it do it on its own does. I had this issue with 1 of my cameras and after a few hours it updated itself.

Adding to @Tank suggestion, I’ve also found a restart of the Homebase also often kicks the firmware update into motion…

Yes, according to support the update takes place when there is no or minimal activity on the homebase to minimize the interruption. Sometimes it may take few days, but will happen automatically.
A restart of the system will help too.

I have tried restarting the system a few times as well. There hasn’t been any activity with the system for about a week as I haven’t been able to connect any cameras to it - thinking the issue might be related to needing a firmware update.