Cannot purchase Eufycam 2 from Denmark

Hi Anker,

Now eufycam 2 finally came on and i was exited to order, but seems that Eufycam 2 only delivers to Germany. We dont have a danish Amazon we usually buy from Germany, but seems not possible from AnkerDirect. I also checked from UK but its the same, no shipping to Denmark. How can we purchase? I live close to Germany but i dont see any shops having it retail yet (like MediaMarkt, Saturn etc.)

Any ideas please on how to get Eufycam 2 in Denmark?

Thanks in advance,

Hello Friis,

You dont have a friend here in Germany who can do this for you?

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The need to expand to other countries

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Market, structures, service, support, stocks, dealers…

Yea that’s true. Easier said than done

Hi Chiquinho,

Thanks for taking time to reply back to me, its appreciated.

I have a former colleague I could maybe reach out to and he would likely do me that favor but it raises concerns if there is some warranty related issues, how to return, get support etc. But it might be i have to go Down that Road, but wanted to check here first maybe someone knew where to maybe get them in a shop in Germany (outside Amazon) - or something like that.

Thanks again, wish you a great weekend ahead!


Hi Ikari04warrior,

They are expanding to Denmark but currently rumors say they are planning a 30.000 Square meter warehouse in northern Germany to supply the scandinavian countries, but that might take couple years :slight_smile: but we surely look forward to that here in Denmark.

Thanks mate,


Hallo Friis,
from time to time some items from ANKER/EUFY are offered at Saturn or media-markt.
But not often.

Its not a big chance.

The only chance is to buy via

Hope you succeed.

enjoy the weekend as well

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