Cannot connect with HP 8460P

I followed instructions I found on the forum for HP problems. I updated all drivers from HP, told Windows to update Bluetooth driver and Windows said best driver already installed. Still cannot connect. Windows troubleshooting says driver not installed but scan for driver update says best driver is installed! What next?

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What driver “has Windows” installed?
Tell us the name and type of the bluetooth device and the actual driver which is installed, please.

Find the manufacturer of your bluetooth card and go to their website and get the latest driver…DO NOT rely on windows to get you the latest driver.

Does the website … still exist?

As that used to be the best place for updating drivers.

Sometimes, when you cold remove (go into explorer and force delete something) files, they take other info with them. It could be that one.of.your.dricers has a little something missing but won’t work as needed but still says you have the latest.