Can you use eufyCam to constantly stream a live view

Want to use eufyCam as a baby monitor so needs to livestream over a 7 to 8 hour period. Is that possible? Or will it drain battery too quickly?

I don’t know about the Eufy cam, but there is a dedicated baby monitor
Baby Monitor, eufy Security SpaceView Video Baby Monitor, Pioneering Generation, 5” HD LCD Display, 110° Wide-Angle Lens Included, Up to 460 Ft Range, Night Vision, 2-Way Audio, Day-Long Battery

Eufycam currently does not have an option to continuously stream. Hoping they add it in the future if you have it connected to power.

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Thanks all for replying - any changes to this situation via updates?

No, there are no changes made to this feature. This eufycam was designed to be a wirefree security camera. However, continuous streaming can be achieved via updates in the future. I guess @AnkerSupport is working on other important priorities and they will get to it after delivering originally promised features.

Stay tuned !:point_up:

You CAN stream LIVE as long as you want or as long as the battery isn’t empty :smile:
But it is kind of very uncomfortable at the smartphone. I hope the upcoming web-portal will bring a live stream feature, which makes it comfortable to sometimes live stream some hours and watch it BIG at the monitor.

But currently and without any solar panel or wired power … you will drain it empty with permanent live streaming in between 2-3 days maximum.