Can you turn off the "battery low" warning? (Soundcore Liberty Neo)

This might sound like an odd request but I really want to be able to use these for sleep. They are perfect except that if I’m lucky enough to get more than 5 hours of sleep at once, the earbuds will wake me up with a “battery low” warning.

I would be happy for them to run down to nothing and charge them when I wake up. I’m not sure if it’s something that’s possible to have control over, and I’ve certainly not found anything in my search so far, but I just want to see if anyone might have thought the same!



If not app supported or not in app, then no.

I would say no.

The only earbuds I’ve seen this in, personally, was the liberty air 2 pros. They have a voice prompt toggle in the settings within the app.

It’s the gear icon top left.

Not sure if your neos would be in the app, or have same toggle.

For sleepin earbuds, depends if you are wanting to wear both at same time, but if only one, the liberty pro 2s have great battery life ~ 7 hrs, great passive noise cancellation. Only the profile sticks out a bit and would be uncomfortable if wearing both as a side sleeper.

The spirit dots would be good profile, lesser cost and good battery life too.

Note I am not sure if either the dots or liberty 2 pros you can turn off the voice prompt.

Would be curious as if you find it on the neos, or if you consider a second pair.

Lastly, there is a community for Soundcore products, where you may get additional feedback.

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Try to remove the tips and put the earbud in the charging box. The tip could be blocking the connection, sometimes happens when you change tips. Also, try to clean the connections (metallic dots on earbuds and metal pins on charging box) and try again.