Can you link the homebase 2 with another homebase 2, and use it as a second chime?

I am rene from the netherlands, and have registered on this forum since last week, to find out more. No problems so far !!

I have the next question. I now have the eufy cam pro 2 (3x), the homebase 2 (1x), and the eufy cabinet. Now I am looking for a second chime for the top, amar since my doorbell is wireless, I cannot buy that extension of the bell, it only works wired. Now my question is, if I buy a set (homebase 2 and 2 or 3 cameras
), can I link that homebase 2 to the first homebase, and use it as an extra chime for the top? Or can you not link it? thank you in advance. Best regards

The question of linking 2 Homebase did come up in another context, I think for range extension / Wifi type and I recall the answer was no.

I think technically it is within the hardware’s capability, so its a matter of emailing Eufy and make a feature request.

So within the view this is probably negative

Ask the question here

and email

Combined you’re most likely to come across someone more knowledgeable and raise profile of the ask.

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Unfortunately you cannot link 2 homebases together as each operates on its own with whatever device is setup for that homebase.

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okay, thanks for answer.