Can you guess how I made this?

Check it out! Does anyone know how I did this?


You have a piece of glass In front of you… behind you is a solid color sheet


And he reversed the image otherwise he’s adept at writing backwards.


I’ve seen a Youtube video of a youtuber who helped with CS stuff do this. It was honestly amazing to see the speed with which she wrote

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Black magic maybe…?

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Ha! Yeah there is a BlackMagic ATEM TV Studio HD in the setup. There is also a Blackmagic h.264 recorder and SDI-HDMI converter.

@professor yes the image is scan reversed. You can see the text on my shirt is backwards. But that would be rad if I could write backwards that well.

@Shivam_Shah there are a few of these setups around - it’s called a lightboard. You have to light the glass itself and have the background as dark as possible. I built it at work last week. There’s also a green screen in there.


Close - the wall is actually painted black.

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That’s still cool though. I didn’t pay too much attention to your shirt so thought you could write backwards :joy:

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I’d say stop/go camera, and has already been said, just flipped it on play back… Or recorded in mirror image.

Glass and you’re writing backwards (phone to show how to do it backwards)

Pretty cool though!

Close! Scan reverse in real time with a Decimator MD-HX

Of course, I could write backwards if I wanted to :grin:

The phone was actually to remind what the ANKER logo looked like :laughing:

This is cool, spent sometime thinking about it :smiley:

How were the cameras setup to capture the writing and the reverse thing

This looks so cool! Can’t wait to see you apply this in your video. :grin:

Ha! I’m going to be dragging the Icon behind my mountain bike in the next video :astonished:

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:rage: I wanted the icon

I also promised to hang it from a tree on a mile-high mountain. Plus I’m going to throw it in a lake. :sunglasses:

When you get done with it, feel free to send it over to me!


Sounds pretty interesting! Looking forward to see. :grinning:

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I must be blind but I can’t read the text from here :joy: