Can you disable Soundcore 2 auto off?

I just purchased a new Soundcore 2. I’m happy with it. clear sound, good volume, pairs easy.
the only problem is that I want it to stay on and connected overnight. With the auto off it only stays on for about 10 minutes. Is there anyway to disable the auto off?

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Hi @barrettj103 , sorry there is no method (that I’m aware of) to prevent the power save features of the SoundCore 2, as it is by design.

I believe that having the speaker connected to a power source (as when charging) will disable the auto-off function. Also, I believe that connecting the speaker to the device via the AUX input on the speaker (not using a Bluetooth connection) will also disable the auto-off function. Try each and see what works & what doesn’t.


According to Anker:

The speaker will auto power off in 30 minutes if no audio signal input,
even the aux cable plugged in. It is the power save mode. Once the
speaker powered off, we need to turn it on again manually. We understand
it may be inconvenient if we need the speaker ready all the time. We
will also forward your feedback to see if we can improve it in the
future. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us
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Source: Soundcore Boost Auxiliary Input Problem - Questions & Answers - Anker Community

It should be 30 minutes plugged in the AUX port. However, I left my Mini 2 running and pulled the AUX cable from the phone while listening to music and when I came home 8 hours later it was still on and waiting for me to plugin again. Its done this a couple of times.

wish there was a way

I have an old IPod that I use via Aux cable that I use in my office with my Soundcore 2… this is on playing music for my entire 11-12 hour shifts, I easily turn the volume down on the iPod when needed. When I leave, I plug in both iPod n speaker to charge over night to get a full battery for the next day.

I personally like the auto off feature. I use my Soundcore 2 to fall asleep, and use a sleep timer on my music app. After 30 minutes of no audio signal, it powers down. The only thing I’d change would be to shorten the interval to 15 minutes.