Can you build a RoboVac with radar?

I’ve just come across this piece of news:

Apparently is it now possible to integrate a radar system into small devices with a range of up to 5 m and a resolution of 2 cm.

It sounds like a perfect match for a RoboVac.

Can it be done?

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The L70 Hybrid has lidar (radar) that maps your house. It’s a new product.


Hello Sholloway,

thanks for the reply. Lidar is not the same as radar! Lidar uses a laser while this chip uses electromagnetic waves just like you know radar from planes and ships. It seems to be pretty fast and it uses very little power, and it seems to have about the right resolution and range perfect for a robot vacuum cleaner.

Other robot vacuums are already using lasers as well as cameras. Only radar would be new as far as I know. Hence my question.

Maybe they will build one In the future