Can we get new forum topic?

I was wondering can we possibly get a sub forum where we can post things for sale or even trade? I know a lot of forums have a marketplace where users can buy or sell items and was just wondering if maybe we could have that here. Maybe sell excess anker products :blush:


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:disappointed: was worth a shot

By sell, surely you mean free. Anker gives brand new ones away all the time!

I believe this has been mentioned in the past but Anker were not in favour, several things to come to mind why as well.

Yea the more I think about it the more I think it’s better off not having it. Too many things come into play such as honesty and higher chance of fly by people scamming others


That pretty much covers it not to mention claims against Anker for compensation if someone was scammed / sold a counterfeit items etc etc

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Can you close the thread please and thank you

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