Can the PowerConf S500 be used with a USB-C to USB-A adapter on a USB 3.0 SS port?

We use VMWare with ThinClients at our facility. We would like to use the PowerConf S500 as a speakerphone device and would need 2 for a large room. I read that in order to daisy chain them via Bluetooth, one has to be connected via USB to the device. The ThinClient devices have USB 3.0 but not USB-C. Any info is very much appreciated.

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So I never received an answer here on the forum so I emailed support. I did receive a quick response, within 12 hours of my initial email so I wanted to post the answer here just in case anyone else had the same question.
The answer is YES, this device will work with a USB-C to USB-A adapter connected to a USB 3.0 “SS” port. It apparently also comes with a cable for this so no need to purchase a separate cable or adapter.

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