Can the Anker Powerconf be daisy-chained?

What the title says, really… Is it possible to connect TWO Anker Powerconf units (via USB?) in order to extend the microphone/speaker reach to more people.

@grandmainger I have not tried this, but I feel Anker PowerConf cannot be daisy chained,

  • USB-C Port is meant for connection to PC / Smart Device (via the adapter) .
  • USB-A port is meant only for Charging, and cannot be used for voice connection.

You may also get an official answer (which will be same as I wrote above) from Anker Support

OK, thanks. That’s what I suspected, but I wanted to confirm.

There is an Anker product called soundsync which may allow two Bluetooth devices to work, remote possibility works with Powerconf.

I’d assume doesn’t work til someone proves otherwise

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