Can’t connect to Robot vacuum wifi

I have tried all of the support tips while trying to connect this 30c vacuum to WiFi. I turned off data and Bluetooth and tried Airplane mode on my iPhone and iPad. I’ve reset my router and the vacuum several times. I am using the correct GHz WiFi connection.

As soon as I connect to Eufy WiFi and continue the setup process in the app, the Eufy WiFi automatically disconnects and it’s no longer an option to connect to it unless I restart the whole process.

Any ideas that I haven’t tried? Thanks.

@Juliaangeletti Note that eufy RoboVac uses 2.4GHz and believe you are already using it.

Check whether there are any Internet connection problems. If the Wi-Fi signal is too weak, reset your Wi-Fi router and try again.

Also If there are too many devices connected to your wireless router at once, disconnect a few devices and try again.

Do send a note to Eufy support