Can’t connect Homebase 2 to WiFi - any tips?

So I’ve been trying to connect my wireless video doorbell’s Homebase 2 to my WiFi network instead of Ethernet. I enter the WiFi password and every single time it tells me it’s unable to connect to my WiFi network. It’s 2.4ghz, I’ve completely reset both devices and it still doesn’t work.

Has anyone encountered this before? And idea if theres something else I can do?

You have to connect it via ethernet BEFORE you can enable wifi, otherwise it will not connect.
Once you have it setup via ethernet, then you can go into the app and switch it to wifi

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Yeah - that’s what I did. It’s been working over Ethernet for a few weeks now!

I’m in the same boat. Device never switches over to Wifi once it’s successful connects while wired to router. It shows the wifi was setup and connected successfully. Once you unplug it, it seems like it never switches over and is stuck in Ethernet mode. Been working with support and haven’t heard back yet.