Can someone please inform me if a product exists that will charge both PS4 & PS5 controllers?

So I’m really hoping to find something from Anker that’ll work, but based on the information I can find, its not looking good.

I need a wall charger that ideally is USB A & USB C and will charge a PS4 controller and a PS5/Xbox One X controller. Bonus points for high enough wattage to charge a macbook too!

Does anker have anything? I found a single post on the web that says one of their chargers worked for a PS5 controller but only from the USB A port (which is acceptable to me) but I’d like some more input from people in the know.

Trying to a few of whatever it is so I can game in several rooms and carry my laptop with me if need be etc.

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What are your devices Volts, Amps and charging protocols?

I don’t have a PS5 yet but any USB A to USB C cable should work to charge the PS5 controller. And any micro USB cable should work to charge a PS4 controller.
If they don’t work just send them back

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yea i just know my belkin does not, and based on my research to make sure the next adapter i buy “does” it seems like the overwhelming majority do not charge one or the other or both.

its always sony controllers.

my xbox one controller charges fine on the belkin. As does my iphone/ipad. I wanted to future proof with something that’d charge via C and take care of everything from macbook to new usb controllers etc.

I did read some of them will charge it via A > C but so far C > C seems evasive.

I did order the 100W PD4 (even though i wish they had it in black) and based on the limited information I can find, it “should” work with A > C but C > C is gonna be a wash with the dualsense.

I wanted to have it all but it looks like A compromise on this. At least it’ll charge my macbook with all steam ahead too.

You cannot future proof. You can only avoid the oldest protocols. For example none should be buying a Quick Charge 2.0 charger.

USB keeps evolving, there is a Power Delivery version 3, PPS and PDO. There’s devices out now which use newer charging protocols than Anker supports.

It is a good idea to have some headroom on Wattage of chargers as then the chargers are not so hot and so last longer, but be wary of spending substantially more than the lower cost options. Personally I’d not buy the 100W PD as it’s still pricey and lower cost to buy a couple of lower Wattage versions, does not support PPS, you can get 30W and 60W very reasonably price chargers which do support PPS.

My last charger has a 45W port and my needs don’t exceed 18W but it was < £50, so I had headroom for a possible laptop.

I guess futureproof is relative/subjective. Perhaps in your eyes i meant “cover the widest breadth of devices” as sony’s controllers are particularly problematic due to requiring a very specific handshake in order to charge.

I’d love to have >60w to usb C for my macbook, the ability to charge a DS4 via USB A > Micro, and the ability to charge PS5 via USB C > USB C.

its starting to look like I got “almost” all that. I’ll see in a day or so when it arrives.

I know it’ll do the macbook @ 60w+ and I assume it’s gonna do the DS4 @ USB A > Micro. The one I assume is not going to work based on limited information out there (but i believe one of the strikes against it was a post from a user here who actually tested it) its not going to do the DualSense controller on USB C > USB C.

Why that is goes above my paygrade. I dont think it has to do with voltage or amperage directly as I know the PD4 is going to meet or exceed the requirements for the PS5 controller over USBC. Its some nuance with the way Sony has implemented things going all the way back to the PS3.

Heck people are still buying PS3 AC adapters to charge their PS4 controllers as most wall chargers just wont do it. (oddly enough I have over a dozen 5W, 18W, 20W, 60W apple chargers and out of 8 or so 5W bricks a single one, from A LOT of iphone generations ago is the only one that’ll charge the DS4). Evidently some out of the box older samsung chargers will as well.

Some surmising it has to do with the pinouts on the brick as most/many are pinned purely for charging and ignore the data pins which are required for the “handshake” but im carrying on.

Don’t look at Watts. Look for protocols.

PPS is getting common need and to a lesser extent PDO.