Can roav play mp3 files on a USB stick?

I’m looking for a Bluetooth to FM solution that also plays mp3s on a USB stick. Can roav do this?

Yes you can transmit via bluetooth (source -> ROAV -> fm-Radio)
or by a mp3 stick (mp3 plugged in the ROAV -> fm- Radio)

Hi @CraigW , the following model can…

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I thought the two USB ports were just for charging. Is one charge and one USB in?

Thanks. Is this unavailable internationally? I’m in the UK and don’t see it on Amazon UK.

As far I see from the description :
Both can be used for charging, one for mp3

"Dual USB Ports: Enjoy simultaneous high-speed charging for driver and passenger or plug a USB drive into the top port to play saved files through your car’s sound system.

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It’s a new release, which normally launch in the US first, followed by other territories after a short while.

You can always buy This model or the updated model Here both can play music via USB drive. Currently the second updated model is cheaper

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