Can only connect one Soundcore Life P2 at a time

Hello wonderful people. I have a bit of a weird problem. I have Soundcore Life P2 True headphones and I can only connect one at a time to my Samsung galaxy S8. When I search for them on my samsung, I see them as ‘Soundcore Life P2’ for right and ‘Soundcore Life P2-L’ for left so whichever I choose first is the one that connects, but the other one does not.

I found the walkaround where I have to reset the second earbud and use my phone’s dual bluetooth connection option to connect both of them, but when I do that, there is a 0.5 seconds delay between sound.

What can I do to fix this issue and to make them work as a connected pair so when I choose 1 I choose both.

Search on YouTube on how to reset the earbuds and also how to properly pair them to your phone. A video is easier to follow than just explaining it

Wherever you Found that workaround, reply back it’s really bad.