Can not sign in to soundcore?

I joined the app, and whenever I try to get onto the soundcore part of the lists I can’t comment or even sign in ? yet I joined up on the Anker app , page, etc where I can comment…like now. ? Tried again, and again, but no luck. Can only get access to the soundcore pages via on this one ? Any help thanks

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What hardware (computer, laptop, mobile, tablet) are you using?
Which OS?

Interesting one @Funkymartyn
I can get on via PC (Chrome) and Tablet (iOS)

As @Chiquinho has asked, what device are you having problems on?

Maybe try a history or cache clear/reset If you haven’t tried it already.

HI this happens on a windows 10 lap top, or a android Samsung tablet, and my Samsung phone ? Seems that once iv joined up and signed in on the Anker app thingy, it does.nt let me then sign in on the soundcore page, or app, etc

Not too get you mixed up…I can get onto the Anker app or web page and sign in ok. which is where I am now, And can then click the soundcore link and read , reply etc…Its when I go to the main soundcore app or web page ? It does not recognise my sign in ? And I can not reply or sign in.
And im not allowed to have a different password , etc…as it says my email already used ?

Maybe you’re entering the wrong password

@Funkymartyn Are you trying to log into the Soundcore app via Facebook or Google links. I know that when I try to log into the community through the app with Facebook, it will not let me. I thought I have it listed on soundcore site defect list. If not, I will make sure it is there