Can Nebula Capsule pro be used always plugged in to electricity just like a laptop

Can I use Nebula Capsule Pro always while plugged in?

Hello, I want to ask whether I can use Nebula Capsule Pro always while plugged in.

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Yes, in the main part.

The Capsule contains a battery which will age slowly. That aging will be faster if kept either hot or cold, all batteries do. So avoid temperature extremes.

Periodically use the battery. Periodically also let it the battery run down. Not too often, every few months.

There is a small risk of a power surge damaging electronics. Disconnect when not used reduces this risk.

If you stick to these then little harm of keeping connected to power.

There is also two other points:

  • why buy a battery powered projector and keep it connected? Enjoy it!
  • all batteries die eventually, can you make the most of it’s battery now, and use it later in a different role less reliant on it’s battery?