Can I Purchase an Original HomeBase

It’s my understanding that the eufyCamE will work with the original HomeBase thus allowing the support of Human and Face detection using the built in AI module. I get a lot of false alerts from small animals and would like to take advantage of this. Where can I purchase the original HomeBase? I imagine it would take a hardware and firmware upgrade for my current HomeBase E to be able to support AI. @Support_Information

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You would be best sending an email to regarding your query and/or send a PM to @AnkerOfficial

Please respond here if you get a response as I have similar inquiry I was about to type out, so I will just add it here:

What are the chances of adding AI support to the Homebase E? I understand the Eufycam E benefits from AI with other bases and other cams support AI on the Homebase E. Can we please get AI support for Eufycam E on Homebase E? This seems to be the only combination that does NOT have AI support.

Can we get an official response for this? @AnkerOfficial @Support_Information