Can I leave 4 port hub plugged in to power all the time even when not in use?

Particularly this product
4-Port Ultra Slim USB 3.0 Hub with extension Cord

I would like to know if its ok to just leave it plugged in all the time even when im not actually use it? will it damage it in any way?

You should be fine. I keep a similar 4-port hub plugged into my Mac all the time and it has worked fine.

Shouldn’t cause any issues. I’ve used similar hubs in the past (on a Mac and PC) with no problems occurring…

Kind of the point of it. It’s a desktop accesory, typically you don’t unplug anything in a desk situation. Wouldn’t it be weird if you had to unplug your laptop charger from the wall? Or maybe your desktop PC when you’re not using it?

Nothing will happen, but to save money unplug things that don’t know to be on, for it helps out the environment and also you bill. Plus it’s best to not have it on if not using. Keeps thing from being ruined or dependant on that particular port.

Thanks all for reply, I may not have specified, I meant the USB is connected to the wall socket, is it ok to leave it plugged in to the wall socket all the time even if nothing is being used on the ports

I’ve got one of these and I’ve had it plugged into the PC at work since I bought it (can’t remember when but it’s got to be at least a month or two ago) and I’ve had no issue with it. The PC is on 24 hours a day as well.