Can i charge the PowerCore II 10000 on 220 in Germany?

I am travelling there this summer and want to make sure the 220v wont mess up the charger. Thanks!

Not a valid question.

The PowerCore II 10000 is a portable charger, it is a battery, it requires a charger which it connects to which then connects to the local mains wall socket.

That charger then must plug into the German power socket, so the question is actually one of your chosen charger.

In theory if you plugged in the cheapest nastiest charger designed only for say 110V and you then plugged that charger into 220V then it would fry and be rendered totally permanently bust, or worse, pass on a dangerously high power to the Powercore.

In general however, most chargers are international voltage, they will easily handle any voltage worldwide, you need only a physical plug shape adapter, they will then output the required voltage and current to the Powercore II 10000.

So really you need to ask about your charger…

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Makes sense. thanks for the info!

it should be written on your charger, says 110V-240V AC on it, depending on your eyes you might need a magnifying glass (or if not then use your mobile’s camera autofocus and zoom). If it only says 110V then it won’t work. Very few chargers these days are specific to one voltage, its usually more powerful items like hair dryers, bigger radios, toasters, washing machines, etc which tend to be specific to a country.

You’re good with all the Anker Powerports, although for maximum recharge times I thiink the Powercore II 10000 is some kind of QuickCharge, exactly which I’m not sure, a QC3 charger might be the best answer. Then add the plug adapter.

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