Can I charge the Nebula Capsule II with my Anker PowerCore III Sense 10000 Powerbank?

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I just bought the Anker Nebula Capsule II and waiting for the delivery.

My electrical knowledge is not that good, so I’m wondering if it will be possible to charge the Capsule II battery with my powerbank while using the Capsule II?

My powerbank is: Anker PowerCore** III Sense 10K ( and have following specs:

Recharging Time: 4.5 hours (with 18W USB PD charger & USB-C to C cable)
USB-C Input (PD): DC 5V=3A, 9V=2A, 15V=1.2A
USB-C Output (PD): DC 5V=3A, 9V=2A, 15V=1.2A
USB Output : DC 5V=2.4A
Total Power Output: 18W

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Hey @Rasmus_Hagedorn_Tven
I don’t know the answer 100% but I would say plug it in and see if the Nebula takes the charge.

Let us know if it does.

@Rasmus_Hagedorn_Tven Yes you charge the Capsule 2 using your PowerCore.

Capsule 2 requires a charge input of 2A, which your PowerCore is able to output on a charge.

Charging while using would more than likely just offset battery drain from the Capule 2 however.

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As @ndalby correctly states this should work as your projector has 5V 2A input and your Powercore has at least that with 5V 2.4A output. You will need to use the USB-A socket on the Powercore.

Note that also you should ideally own a Power Delivery charger to recharge the Powercore so it recharges faster, as it states

The minimum cost charger which does this is the Nano, you are in Denmark so you need the Euro socket type.

Any charger which is Power Delivery and at least 18W will suffice to recharge the Powercore as fast as possible, there is no harm in getting more powerful if you have other needs also using Power Delivery. Power Delivery is a specific protocol.

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