Can I charge my PowerCore portable power bank via the car’s 12V Car Charger?

I am going on a big camping trip with not much access to wall outlets. I can’t find anywhere if I can re-charge my Anker PowerCore (13000mAh) by plugging it into the Anker portable car charger (cigarette lighter port) while driving. It is a new car, in case that matters.

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Yes, that should work just fine!

Thank You! I use it for a tiny fan and light as well as to charge my phone and being able to keep it charged via car will be helpful.

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ive charged my anker 20.000 every day with a anker car charger, still works :+1:

I haven´t tried, but I think it’s possible

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Usually when I’m out for the day I plug any which powerpack I ha e with me into the anker powerport ii I have so it stays topped off and ready for when I need it.

So, to ans5your question as others have pointed out yes it’s possible and no you wont damage anything