Can I charge 0.5amp vape with powercore20100

Attention vapers and anyone who knows about power output! Hi I have a smok nord AIO Vape which is supposed to charge at 0.5amps will this be safe to charge with anker powercore 20100

Yes it is. That powerbank will only output ampage that your vape can take.

You never have to worry about too much power with anker powerbanks :wink:


Hey thanks for the quick reply! And for the peace of mind :grinning:


In case you want to read about Anker’s technology that allows the perfect amount of power for each device, you can read about there IQ technology here. It’s called IQ because it gives your battery a brain :joy:


One thing to watch for is that if the charging draw of the device falls below 0.5 amps (which might happen when it reaches around 80%), the power bank may shut off as it “thinks” the device is done charging. So you may need to occasionally tap the power button on the power bank to turn it back on and top off the device’s charge.


Yes you can, but as above points out, you may need to trickle charge (only a few of powerbanks supports it)

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