Can I buy a Eufy Homebase on its own?

I’ve already been deep into the Eufy cam game starting with the Eufy Cam E since I missed out on the kickstarter of the OG Eufy Cam. I’m definitely happy with it but now I’m getting confused by all the different models available out there.

The main thing I’ve read is that the only thing holding back my Cam Es from gaining the AI for facial recognition is the HomeBase itself can anyone confirm this?

If that is true, is there currently a way or is Anker planning on making available the HomeBase as a standalone item? I’d definitely be interested in a slight upgrade if the price were right.

Also, if anyone has a good breakdown of all the differences in the various models (Original, E, 2, 2C) I’d greatly appreciate it. In my own research I can’t find many differences between them all except for battery life and water resistance capabilities.



Thank you for reaching out. @Steve_Arrowood

Please noted that the AI facial recognition feature is only supported by Homebase 1.

We do have a comparison chart between eufycam E/2/2C devices, could you please reach out to We will have the engineer to reply to the email within 24 hours.

Thanks again for all your patience and support. Looking forward to your reply.

So does this mean the HomeBase itself isn’t available to purchase on its own? In order to take advantage of the newer cameras and sensors I’d have to buy a whole new setup since I’m running the EufyCam E? That seems strange to me.

Unfortunately it looks like the case. I’ve been trying to purchase an extra Homebase 2 since one single Homebase 2 unit is not enough to cover all areas I need to monitor with the cameras. Looks like a sells strategy to force you to buy more than you need.

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