Can Floodlight & Security camera be connected to Blue Iris?

I’m interested in the Eufy Security Floodlight & Camera, but would want to connect it to my Blue Iris camera monitoring server. Is it possible to get an RTSP or other stream from the camera?

Yes its possible for the cameras. I don’t have a floodlight cam to verify if the setting is there.

Here are instructions on how to setup the RTSP stream:

Thanks for your reply. I think the Eufycam has a different firmware and app to the Floodlight & Security camera, doesn’t it? It uses an app called “Eufy Security” I believe?

…and reading the link that you sent, it looks like there isn’t a way to have the camera stream continuously - i.e. it would only be available during motion detection events?

They all use the EufySecurity app.

I believe its only for events, not constant 24/7 streaming