Can EufyCam see through windows?

Hi All, I live in an apartment where I can’t put my camera outside and so as a result, I wanted to put my camera inside the window, facing outside. However, EufyCam doesnt seem like it can record and events when in this scenario. Has anyone else had this issue? Any help/insight would be appreciated!

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I believe you can put the Eufycam near the window - facing outside, but there may be conditions when the cam captures its own reflection when its bright sunny or car light flashes, i dont own a eufyCam but i see this with my other security cams.

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The EufyCam uses a passive infrared sensor to detect motion, which unfortunately does not work through windows.
For more details, please check out FAQ #7 on the article below.


this is bit dis-heartening to know eufyCam cannot detect motion through the windows, while other cams can do this.

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I believe most battery-powered cameras rely on infrared motion detectors as they require minimal power. Otherwise, the camera would need to analyze every frame of the live video feed to detect motion which requires significantly more power.
The battery-powered Arlo cameras use a similar infrared sensor, while my Wyze Cams (which need to be connected to a power source) do the video analysis.

yes, I use wyze cam, place them inside the house, facing towards window, and does excellent job of motion detection recording

I tried this with an Arlo Gen 1 Camera and it didn’t work. I have dual pane windows and I believe the reflection does not allow detection beyond the inside glass, probably reflects back.

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A friend of mine (from a while back) worked at installing security for banks. He told us, that sensors can’t pick up out/in through windows, esp with the film that goes on the window to reflect heat out/in.

As many mentioned here already, most battery powered cameras do not work well to see through the glass windows and same with eufycam.

Also in nightmode the reflection from the LEDs will bounce off the window making the image useless.

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This is true for even wired cameras.

Yea, any camera with IR night vision will have this affect wired or wireless no matter the model.

You would have to turn off night mode on the camera and put external IR sources outside for use at night.

You can buy one of these remote IR sensors and link it to camera via ‘security’ and ‘automation’ in the app, the remote sensor can be outside the window and will tell the camera when to record. The sensor uses A23 12 volt ( doorbell ) battery and has 2 year life.