Can anyone recommend USB splitter?

I’m tuning my off-grid hardware and I have a USB power output single socket and seeking to recharge two things concurrently. Does anyone have a recommended splitter ( 1 USB in, 2 USB out) ? Just for power, not data (obviously).

My most fave Powercore is the 10000 (I need a replacement soon, it is has lived a full life) but it is only 1 USB output and sometimes I want to recharge 2 things (say a BT headphone + other) so would be useful.

I know Anker does not make so seeking Anker-lovers of quality recommendations.

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I have a generic one I got from Walmart for about 5 bucks, it works as needed. I ended up getting a short 4inch micro USB cable to charge my earbuds and the longer one for my phone. Works good, just take a bit longer to charge as I suspect the cable isn’t capable of fast charging

This one isn’t Anker but the best I’ve found
Or this for microusb

The ones you posted is very similar to one I got from Walmart for 5 bucks, well worth it to split a charge port for items that use micro USB. I currently use that or one similar to the first one you posted but mine is only dual port

A hub might be better than just a directly wired splitter, better for current control and etc.

Thanks looking for something very small like a dongle more than a long Y cable. IT is just to plug in 2 devices to recharge at same time and looking for something small.