Can anyone help? I need PowerBank advice!

I’m looking for a new Powerbank. I had one, but it’s gone. It wasn’t by Anker and it wasn’t up to scratch, I need better!

I found with my old Powerbank it would take a good 24 hours to charge up to the max. It was 10K I think? But even when it was charged, to charge up my phone (Pixel 3A) would take anything up to 6 hours…I get that it’s a device that needs power but; rly??

So. I need a Powerbank, need it to be able to charge up a Pixel and other devices (MP3 or Ipod Touch, Ipad and Kindle) and I’m guessing 10K is enough to do all of those once? I need it to work on the go and to both charge quickly and charge the devices. I don’t mind the odd hour- obviously I’d like faster, but this 6-12 hours business is a bit too long.

Anyone have any recommendations or advice?

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So there are 3 “dimensions” to think about:

  • Capacity. Roughly speeding 10Ah would do a Pixel phone recharge twice, an iPad once. 20Ah is double that. 10Ah easy enough to carry in a (jacket) pocket, but 20A really needs to be in (backpack etc) bag,
  • Max Wattage output. You have control of this via not waiting til your phone is flat and then recharging, but by connecting it earlier. So you can save money by thinking ahead. With exception of laptops, 10W-20W will be fine for smaller devices (phones, tablets etc).
  • Max Wattage input. You probably had a 5V 2A 10W input which took 8 hours to recharge, or you had utterly the wrong charger like a 5V 1A 5W output which would explain the 24 hours. So you need to pair whatever you get with the right charger at least as powerful as it needs.

A good all-rounder is the 20000 PD - it has 18W in and 18W or 20W out and recharges in around 8 hours if using a 18W charger. You’ll find two versions, nearly identical. One is 18W output, other is 20W output, nearly identical so depends on price and availability.

So in your country look for 18W

or 20W

You need a 18W minimum charger to recharge it. What you buy depends on your other needs but a minimum would be

There’s 20W, 30W 60W 65W versions getting larger, depends what else you have, you’d need 30W-60W if you had a laptop or a larger tablet.

In general I’d not recommend 10Ah unless you intend to carry on your person. I carry 10Ah most days if wearing a coat, or 20Ah if with a bag. 10Ah can end up a little too small on a busy day if you’d got say a phone and a tablet. I own 2 10Ah and use it and swap over while one is recharging.

You appear to be in UK? These are the ones to consider


I can only echo @professor sound advice as we have had many discusions here about PowerBanks.


I fully agree with @professor.
This is a perfect choice.

I own such a pb and such a nano.
This is all what I need.


Thanks so much! Really helpful! I’ve seen the 20W cheaper than the 18W for some reason on Amazon so may opt for that, I need the bank so when I’m in hospital I’m able to keep my devices going (there are plugs but often they’re needed to power lifesaving devices rather than my powerbank!) thanks for your advice -it means I can stay connected with everyone :smiley:


Of course you can charge the pb with a “normal” charger as well.
But this will take an “eternity”. :grinning:

So the this powerful, little charger and this pb (its quite large and heavy)
is a perfect combination for you.

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Just looking at Amazon, I’m a little confused and wasn’t sure so…

What’s the difference between these two (besides the price!)

The first one is a 10W input so recharges slower, takes 10.5h. It is 12W output. If you connected a very old slow charger like 5W it increases to 20 hours which is what i think you had done with your previous powerbank.

The second is a 18W input so can recharge faster, 6.8h, and is 20W output.

Depending what connect to it, you may only see 10W output, but your Pixel should see 20W input as I think they use Power Delivery like this Powercore 20W does output. Some iPads can benefit from 20W, depends on the model how old, newer ones use Power Delivery also.

Bear in mind many of us here got our Powercore year or more ago and for example the 20000 PD one I got for £25, it’s a lot more expensive now. A year ago the lower power model was £20 and higher power £25 so our decisions of “why not for £5” doesn’t show up now at their higher prices.

If you did want to go lower cost then just factor it is slower than the more expensive one, you might think to recharge it in 10.5 hours is acceptable to make the saving over the 6.8h recharge version.

Let know which you go for, and what chargers you own already you may own a charger with 10W output for the slower Powercore so not need to spend any more. Your Pixel comes with a charger? That might be good enough already.


I got the second one.
But follow the hints of @professor!
He is perfect in “Watts and Volts” :smiley:

Yes I was injured and in hospital as a patient and know exactly what you mean, few sockets and not in convenient locations so yes good idea to keep gadgets going with a Powercore and recharge the Powercore when at home. Note that if you really wanted to go up a level of ports and capacity there does exist more chances. You really need a larger bag for it though.

I hit the ground with only a 10Ah Powercore and wished I was carrying a 20Ah.

I soon got my chargers delivered.

This is more capacity, is 12W port and recharges itself in 6.5h and has 3 output ports. I have one but it’s so big it never leaves house I keep it charged for home power outages, the above 10Ah leaves in my jacket or 20Ah in my bag is my current preference just for speed and size reasons.

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Get a 20,000 powerbank

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