Can Anker PowerCore+ 10050 charge laptops?

I have a Anker PowerCore+ 10050, and am wondering if it will safely charge a 2016 Macbook Pro.



I’m pretty sure you need a PD (Power delivery) Powercore to charge a MacBook.

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yeah I think you need a PD charger - i agree

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great, thanks!

You might get some use out of it, 10W output so it slows the discharge or slowly recharges. Or the Mac could be awkward.

I’m not sure what the specs are for a Macbook, but I know that if I use my non-PD battery, my Samsung Chromebook Pro will charge if it’s turned off. If it’s on, there’s too much power draw. I’d imagine that maybe the MacBook Pro is the same way, though it might need even more power, and won’t charge even if it’s off. I don’t think that plugging in a power source that’s too weak will damage the laptop in any way, but if you wanted to charge your laptop off of a battery, I’d pick up one with USB-PD (power delivery).