Can Anker Power core II be charged using Samsung Wall adapter?

Can Anker Power II 20000 be charged using Samsung Wall adapter for S8+?
Input : 100-240 V
50-60 Hz 0.5 A
Output : 9.0 V - 1.67 A or
5.o V - 2.0 A

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Yes but it would be better to use a higher amp charger look for one that says 5.0v 2.4a

The specs say it is compatible with quick charge 3.0 which will charge fully in 5hr instead of 10


I would assume yes.

Yes, i got the powerbank fully charged from 20% to 100% in less than 4 hours. Thanks a lot for your advice!
The only problem i face is that when i connect to my phone using the default cable it shows slow charging. I have tried on both the 12 W and the 18 W but still the same. Assuming its the cable which i may need to change.

Sry about the delay I didn’t see your response, what type of phone do you have and what type of cable are you using?