Can Anker MARS projectors be charged with a powerbank while running

Can any of the MARS projectors be charged with an Anker powerbank while in use so it could work for more then 4 hours?

Nebula Mars 1
Nebula Mars II
Nebula Mars Lite
Nebula Capsule

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The Nebula Capsule certainly can but the rest of the line relies on DC / mains power…unless you have access to a Anker PowerHouse…

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@ndalby @AnkerOfficial Oh wow!.. Thanks for the answer. but just so I’m 100% understanding.

I can not use an Anker PowerCore 26800 to charge the battery in any of the bigger ones.

If I go camping for a week and do not have access to 120/volt house power, but I have a bunch of PowerCores, then my only option would the the Capsule?

That’s correct, the Mars line up uses a DC input connector (like below) for the 19v charge required…not a USB variant…though they can act themselves as a Powerbank (for charging other devices)…the Capsule uses a microUSB input for charging and so can be powered in use or charged when off from a PowerBank…


@ndalby Awesome… that is exactly what I needed to know. Looks like I will be getting the Capsule. I am so glad that I asked first, because I was going to get the bigger ones and would have been confused when it didnt work the way I thought it would work.


Or the powercore AC :grinning: really just depends on how portable you want your setup to be.


Or expensive…

And picture quality / brightness. Personally I would get the capsule for portability and you can use a power bank that you already own. But if money is no object I’d go for the Mars II and PowerCore AC.

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