Cameras OFFLINE when internet cuts outs


whenever my internet discontecces or there is a power outage my front camera goes offline and will not go back online until I physically remove it from the outside wall and bring it closer to the home base, this only happens if the internet goes out.

does anyone else have this issue? do the cameras all connect to the home base or do they connect to my modem?


From the specs, the homebase acts as a repeater so try to place the homebase closer to your cameras

That must be an annoying issue

The home base is as close as it can be, if I move it closer the other two cameras will not get connection. Its weird because everything works fine and all 3 cameras have connection, but if my internet drops out and reconnects the front camera will stay offlines until I go out and remove it and move it around a little, then it will reconnect.

I know its not the camera as I have swapped it with one of my other and the same issues happens, must be something interferring with the connection in that area, but once again it only happens when the internet disconnects…