Cameras not detecting fast enough

Dear Eufy team
I have recently returned arlo pro 2 as i was fed up with the poor video quality and videos freezing just about every time.
I have now purchased eufycam and although the quality is amazing comparing to arlo, the cameras it self suck as a security system.
The detection time is so slow that i practically don’t even know who is coming in and out of my place.
By the time the camera turns on, the person has already left.
I have my cameras constantly powered, is there a way like the arlo to have few second of pre record so that i don’t miss any action?
I understand this is a big ask for battery powered but what if the cameras are powered?
Otherwise if there is no solution i will have to return the product as it is not really recording anything.

Maybe try adjusting the trigger zone

What do you mean by that?

Can you not adjust the zone where the camera detects motion?

My problem isn’t with detecting the motion, issue is with the time it takes the camera to turn on, once the motion has been detected.
When powered, arlo pro2 would give 3sec footage before the motion was detected. With eufy i get prob 3 sec after the motion is detected. Alot can happen in that time.

I have a total of 2 homebase and 7 cameras at 2 locations and cannot confirm the delay. I use the movement zones with 2 cameras, but not with the other 5. All cameras record immediately when they detect movement and after 2-3 seconds I receive the push messages, so nothing is missing when recording, only the notification does not come in real time, but 2-3 seconds later. One homebase runs with the beta firmware, the other with the official firmware.

So perhaps i have faulty unit?
I tried to load up one of my recordings to show as an example but apparently the file that eufy records is not supported on this site?