Camera skins

Hi I remember this coming up a few times on Kickstarter during & after the campaign
This reminded me

Still looking into it?

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Hey bro … are you still asking if the still looking into skin cases or even a solar skin case, while tons of issues and features are exisiting/missing and the to-do list is getting longer and longer?! :laughing:

I guess they have much bigger “problems” than skin cases actually … just saying: range extender and useless activity zones, just to name two.

Sure … skin cases would be still cool and i would love to see a solar skin case :heart_eyes: … but …

But thx for reminding them … i bett they forget about it just two minutes after we mentioned it last time … like 6 months ago or something … lol

Well I thought, if we keep reminding them of thing they may not forget about us
All seem to be about the doorbell at the mo which I was going to buy when it came out but they didn’t release it anywhere but USA, now I’m glad as I’ve gone off the idea the more I’ve thought about the eufycam

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So Anker official edit my post removing about another companies product being on sale but don’t bother actually responding to the thread :angry:

:sos: ANKER CENSORHIP :rage:

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That camo skin looks awesome!

We will have skins…some day

We won’t … we have already!


And what you’re talking about bro?! … I am already old and skinny, i probably won’t witness the next firmware update of the eufy cams or homebase … and you are talking about skin cases … some day … you know how “fast” the guys are currently … dude … i will be six feet under then already! :skull_and_crossbones:

Uhhh … that gives me an idea!
eufy coffin security cam - to secure you are really rest in peace! :rofl:

(at least the extreme range issue won’t be a problem then anymore … coffin cam and coffin homebase will be right together, such a coffin isn’t really big) :laughing:

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I thought you are back to GIF’s for a minute…
and c’mon bro… we all invested in eufy keep faith …:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Nope bro … GIF-MASTER is still dead.

Hard to keep faith in these times!

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Now this is still something I would like!

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Thankfully, eufy has now come out with black silicone skins. Saw them on eBay and BestBuy sites today. You’d think camo would have been first, or released alongside black, but maybe they’re on the way. I know ZModo and Arlo also have “ghillie” wraps that do the same thing as a sniper’s ghillie suit…make it looks more like foliage or grass and blend in with trees, landscaping, fences, natural areas, etc.