Camera sharing

I’ve tried to share a camera as a guest several times now, send the invitation email, register, login

I get the same thing, invitation waiting on main profile & new profile just has add device

Is there a step in missing?
Anyone got it to work?

You have to register the second account through an email link… have you done that?

No proper link only an app download button that I tried

You’re Invited to Access Camera(s)
Hello from eufy Security,
hhamster86(* is inviting you to view the camera(s) Garage . By accepting, you can help hhamster86(* to watch their property.
If you accept this invitation, please download the EufySecurity app by clicking below icon and register your account in the app.If you do not wish to do so, please ignore this email.
Download the EufySecurity app

Send an email to our support team so that we can follow up!

I just did this for two other people.

First have them create an account in their app. Once their account is created and verified send them the invite. They will have to then accept from within the app.

Thanks that worked, deleted invitation & sent it again (selected from drop down)

Is this documented anywhere or did you figure it out yourself?

I mean, I did it exactly like he did… I thought it was pretty straightforward…