Camera records, but no people

hello, I have a very strange problem. My camera at the house, rather on
the way to the front door records when a car drives past in front, but not when
someone runs the way to the front door. At least not today. Yesterday she
recorded the gardener. The mode is save on electricity with sensitivity 65.

What can I do? I´m not on the ground.

I had the same experience. It missed the flyer delivery people, even me when I had to walk quickly to the front door. May be this will be resolved with a firmware update!!

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The sense is that the camera records potential
burglars and not the mail car. If I read all this here like this, we can be
glad if anything is going on at all

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We’re currently working on optimizing our facial recognition, as well as the motion detection.

Give it a few more days of testing, and let us know the results in this thread!


I have a dwarf palm tree in front of my doorstep. Every time it moves, I get a false notification! also the camera does not recognise me nor my partner, despite the fact that we put several pictures of ourselves! Moreover, I have 2 dogs and everytime they make a move, I also get a notification! this is making us very annoyed actually. not to mention draining my cameras, phone and fitibit batteries very quickly due to being bombarded with notifications all day and night!

Try lowering the motion detection sensitivity!