Camera has stopped recording/alerting

Since the recent update of cameras/HB, one of my two cameras has stopped recording and alerting. I’ve changed recording mode, notification mode, removed/re-added the camera, formatted the SD card, removed/reinstalled the app, restarted the HB, and no change. Connecting to the camera for live viewing works fine as does the motion sensitivity test.

Anyone else run into this so far? This is my most-important camera, so right now my system is essentially useless.

Versions are (HB), 1.8.6 (cameras), and 1.2.7_245 (iOS app).

I haven’t had any issues like that.
I would switch cameras if its the most important and contact support.

@Crownfox Thanks for sharing your concern with us. In regards to your issue, please help to confirm if you have enabled Record Video and Push notification on your mode setting? Here are the steps: Security(right bottom on the app)>Home/Away>Camera Name>Enable Record Video and Push Notification.

If the issue still persists, please feel free to contact us via​

I was going to say that. if this option is not checked in, the camera will not record and notify.
@Crownfox report back the results please. I’m curious on this issue. :thinking:

Well, aside from the fact the difference between “working fine” and “no longer working” was the set of firmware upgrades… yes, everything is turned on as it should be. I only started fiddling with my existing, WORKING settings once the camera effectively STOPPED WORKING.

Both my cameras are always set to record video/push notifications. Both are set to Optimal Surveillance. The working camera is using All Alerts for notifications while the nonworking one is using Person Alerts. (Yes, as I’ve mentioned, changing those settings made no difference.)

After a load of experimentation, it appears that everything with the one camera works as it used to since the updates EXCEPT it neither notifies NOR RECORDS if the notification setting is set to Person Alerts. (The other camera has always been set to All Alerts.)

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If this is the case, please contact our customer support so we can help.

It appears that either (HB) or 1.8.8 (cameras) or both has resolved my issue. At least, so far…

Good to hear! (read) :thumbsup:

One (currently) satisfied customer more! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi there, Ik have the same problems: tried everything. Resybced the two camera sI have,- re-installed, but nothing helped.

This is my main security network, so please help!

Contact our customer support team so we can help you further.

Phone: 800-988-7973