Camera Does Not Detect Movement

I just installed five eufy Cam 2C cameras, dialing in the parameters for video recording but have
one camera that will not cooperate, wondering if it is just bad?

not new to cameras, I have had Arlo’s in the past, these are actually placed right next to the five
Arlo Pro 3 cameras, that I am pretty sure I am returning, they just have not kept up with the tech.

I have a good strong wifi connection.

The camera will see me in live mode.

I think I have everything setup correct, all the others work fine and are setup the same.




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Try resetting it and setting it up again, if that doesn’t work, contact support

I really think your activity zone (blue square may be too low). Although it is all motion, It may be having a hard time catching the motion depending on which way you came in on and the amount of your body that is caught in the picture.