Calling is now available

Calling is now available on the Eufy Genie. Connect your Eufy Genie and ask Alexa to dial or make a call to any number for free. Click on the picture for more info.
Tell us your thoughts, is this a feature you will use? I know when I’m not near my cell phone this feature will come in handy


It’s convenience indeed! But I don’t have eufy genie.:sob:

Now i want one more!

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I have used this feature when I had a group of people over and we wanted to talk to our friend who was on vacation. It worked well as a speakerphone for everyone!

That’s awesome. I have used the feature by accident once and it did work good.

my only concern is the room drop in. I can see this present a massive privacy issue if you have more than one genie and you can drop in on any room.even more so if the room drop in

I was leery of it too at first, but now I use it a lot. :joy: However, Drop In can be turned off:


I need it!


:smile:I need one now!

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I think it is very convenient but you can’t use it in Germany so… I don’t need it yet.

May need to get one of these. Great features in this device.

I like the drop in feature as well as the calling mode. I called my friend on his echo and he didn’t know it was an option and freaked out. He has since disabled calling mode on his echo. I think it’s fun. I’m going to setup my girlfriend with calling mode so I can call her from my echo to her Genie.

Does the Genie automatically update or do I need to force it to update for this new feature?

The Genie should automatically update, but you can manually check for updates in the EufyHome app. Open the app and tap the Eufy Genie on your device list, and if an update is available, it should pop up.


Yeah mine automatically updated. Very cool feature, move over Echo!

Is this feature live in the UK as my genie is running latest firmware and Alexa is telling me the Drop in function is not available on this device??

The calling and drop in function are two different features, you may have to use the eufyhome app and see if it’s available there

Has anyone successfully used the drop in feature between 2 Genie’s yet? I’ve got a 2nd one but when I try and use the drop in feature it says it’s only enabled on my phone.

I can’t see how to set it up on the genie’s.
It’s like it needs a phone number to contact or I have to set up the genie’s as contacts but I can’t see how that works.

I’ve created a room for each and placed the genie’s in their rooms but can’t get any further. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I only want to tell my kids to turn their tv down now and again lol

What is the latest firmware for the Genie? The app says my device has the latest version, it is 3.8.5526, but it doesn’t have the drop-in feature, I think.
It was released in April.
Why I cannot find newer firmware version?
Happy new year for everyone!

@csaba Please download the latest version of the EufyHome App. Then, On the main page of the App, tap “More” on the upper right-hand corner, then tap “Firmware Update” to update the firmware. If this doesn’t work, contact us at and we’d do what we can to resolve the problem for you. Happy New Year!