Calling all Android users

I am looking to upgrade my phone at the start of 2018 and these are my choices through my carrier right now

which would you select and why?

Buying a phone outright is not an option as in Canada the carriers soak you for their plans and it’s only $20-$30 more depending on the phone for 2 years. $30x24 months=$720 CAD which is about $575 US greenbacks interest free.
Thanks in advance


Can’t answer your question, indeed should not answer your question, because your priorities are not our priorities, but i can give you a method:

Ignore any particular phone, go amnesic.

List in sequence your most important features. This is not a sequenced list, just a list, move these around to your specific priorities:

  • battery life
  • LTE band support for your area, coverage.
  • waterproofness
  • build quality
  • size, seems the manufacturers have decided this for us is about 5.5", harder to get smaller now.
  • use replaceable battery (as swapping a battery is smaller faster cheaper) Note: this would defeat likely waterproofing
  • SD card slot. Note: this often defeat waterproofing but less than battery replacement.
  • performance. Performance is a function of minimalism (so closer to stock Android with only install what you need) with hardware.
  • price. The only option you have is to buy through carrier so you’re paying more but you still have a varying balance to contribute I see between $0 and I see $249.

Once you added what matters to you from what I missed above, resequence.

Then mathematically give each a relative weight, say a weight of 10 for the top going down. Say battery life was your most important and give it a weight of 10, say then wateproofness was 9, say LTE coverage was 8, etc. Do it for your priorities.

Then score each phone for this.

Then multiply each score by weight, to get a weighted score, then total up to get total weighted score.

You’d then get this long long list down to two or three, then go deeper, try to play with one if you can.

So I in this method got a different choice than my wife than my daughter than my mother.


I appreciate the long thought out answer and I will go back to this when making my final decision. :scream:

  • I suppose I should have worded my question differently.

  • Just trying to narrow down my choices and weed out the bad before I hit the online reviews for advice.

  • I am an HTC guy but they are not offering any right now with my carrier

*** Anyone here on the forum own one of these phones on the list and like it or not like it? how does it feel in your hand? Are you proud of it?

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Good review sites to help your shortlisting: - good because you can compare phones side by side - in-depth reviews. - one of the balanced rounded reviewers.


well I upgraded from a galaxy s4 to a galaxy s8,

I didn’t choose the s8+ because it was too big of a size jump to get used it.

I do like the size of the s8 and the screen is unbelievable.

I use social media, youtube etc

on the phone itself, the camera was a great jump in quality too which I noticed right away and when I took pictures of Niagara Falls.

I also use s health and am trying to use Bixby and google assistant combined for my news.

overall I am enjoying my phone along with the camera and other cool features.

oh and don’t worry about the on screen buttons, got used to them right away seamlessly.


What is your latest HTC phone?

I wouldn’t decide until you’re ready to switch. There are several highly anticipated smartphones getting ready to launch.

Galaxy Note8
Pixel 2
Another HTC Flagship?

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Mine is HTC one M7, 4 years old… Wife’s is HTC one M8 We will be upgrading both at the same time and I hope we both select the same phone as it is just easier for me when I have to help her.[quote=“joshuad11, post:6, topic:53954”]
I wouldn’t decide until you’re ready to switch

Good point. looking at Mar-Apr upgrade but I usually don’t go with the very latest as the contract rates are higher in the first quarter. That’s why I am starting my research now as it will likely be one of the current offerings but who knows.


Well, a lot of people were fans of the M7 and M8 but it sounds like the last few haven’t been their biggest hits.

I think the V20, GS8, GS8+, G6, and Pixel are all great options, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend the GS7 or GS7 edge as they will be coming up on 2 years old in spring.

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do you have a case on it and if you do does it interfere at all with the infinity display? I agree the 8+ would be too big for me but the 8 would be a perfect size. I am familiar with the galaxy as me wife had the S4 a few years back until it found it’s way into a hot tub so I am familiar with Samsung launchers. I usually install Nova Launcher right away anyway

Not only is that a concern, but there’s also a glare on the edges. I don’t even think it looks that pretty.

I handled one (played with it) in a store a couple weeks ago and my first impression was that it was so much better than I thought it would be. I loved the way it felt in my hand. Slippery, but I knew that a case would solve that problem. The images when I took some photos were unbelievable.

This is the problem I run into when something new is better than what I have. First thought is I can’t live without one or I must buy one
Few weeks go by, I am still alive and I don’t have one, The thrill is over.


it is so much better as 2 years later?

You are intelligent, so your power to adapt to anything exceeds the power of bling shiny new design.

I would personally say wait til the S9 since you’re waiting til 2018 anyways, but since you have a upgrade plan I’d go with the phone that’s free. That would be the S8, it’s certainly a great phone and the M7 is really old now so you’ll enjoy the S8.

S8+ if you want to pluck down the 99 bucks. Don’t go for G6 since it has a last-gen Snapdragon 821 rather than the current Snapdragon 835 that’s in the S8 and S8+ and soon the Note 8 as well.

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I have the otterbox commuter case on it and no it doesn’t interfere at all.

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well there’s always going to be a glare with curved screens but I haven’t noticed it and you have to realize I upgraded from an s4 lol

Thanks, good point! And yes my M7 is starting to get pretty slow or maybe I am getting faster with age, lol

Good to know and the case likely cuts down some glare as well. Does it still wireless charge with that case? I don’t suppose you have tried to use it with a magnetic base with the otterbox commuter like this one

Hey there!

I heard rumors that the Note 9 would have the fingerprint sensor under the display, but not the Galaxy S9. Still very early to tell…well ANYWAY, back to the recommendations.

it seems like S8 is free 2 year plan…hmm

I personally would tell you to get S8, or even S8+ (my hands are quite big). A couple of my friends got the S8 and it’s a great size on the hand and great feel, but i would love the S8+ more. My friends had cases too and it doesnt take anything away from the screen. Lovely stuff. I personally dont need a case because i havent dropped my phone in the 8+ years i’ve owned a phone O.O

You mentioned you get the nova launcher. Samsung has vastly improved their UI so maybe you should try their UI out for a few days before changing it :slight_smile:

Also, if the UI is an imoprtant factor for you, maybe look at Pixel, it is extremely smooth. However, if this phone will tie you up for 2 years, S8 or S8+ will be a smarter choice to last the 2 years before the next switch (the phone is extremely fast and is running the latest snapdragon processor)

You can also stick around a few months until the S9 launches around march of 2018. Or you have the Note 8 to explore as well.

Let me know if you have any other questions! i’ll be happy to help.

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I haven’t tried to use it with a magnetic base but I have tried it with my Anker Powerport Qi 10W wireless charging pad and it does work great with the case on.

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hmm you can eliminate at least 4 of those phone if you need SD card if you need to take a lot of photos or video’s and don’t want to put it all in cloud storage. But yeah it’s hard to say which one since everyone have their own taste and of course usage. If you watch video a lot you might want a bigger screen and if you want the most current update you will have to go with Pixel or the iPhone.

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