Im sorry if I’m a burden, but all I wanted to know is if y’all will be making usb-c cables with as many options as the lightning cables.

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Do you mean USB-C to Lightning? If yes is it the problem that Apple has to certificate them but they wouldn’t do that.

I assume you are asking if they will make as many styles, lengths, colors in USB C as they do in Lightning. I would say yes, as the most new Android offerings will have USB C. and in just over a year of offerings from Anker they already have a pretty strong collection. see here

Yea i was wondering on variety. That does sound vain when I read it. But the heart wants what the heart wants. Lol sorry a lil gay I know.

Thank you though for the reply.

If you’re referring to PowerLine+ II, yes @AnkerOfficial has said it’s coming soon, but as usual, no exact timeframe.

Hopefully we see more lengths, too!

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say no more, get that darn heart what it wants and hurry :heart_eyes:

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Hahah amen!