Cables/Power Banks that can detect 100% charge?

What’s your opinion on Charby Sense Charging Cables?
I saw an advertisement and I wonder if Anker is looking into this…seems simple enough

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When my phone is plugged into my Anker Powercore and gets pinned at 100% for awhile my Powercore automatically turns off.

Don’t know exactly how this happens or why. It just does for me.

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It wastes energy to keep the charging electronics active when there is no need so if the phone clamps it power draw to sufficiently low level for long enough (usually a minute or so) then the Powercore will shut itself off until you either pull and reinsert cable or press the power button.

This is phone dependent and Powercore dependent, e.g. the Slim 5000 does it more aggressively than say the Powercore II 6700 with my OnePlus6 but the Slim 5000 got along better with my older OnePlus3T. This manifests if say I go out on a long bike ride and plug in the Slim 5000 at the start, I’d get home with a fully charged OP3T but now I get home with a slightly discharge OP6 so I have to press the Slim 5000 power button after a few hours. I just did a trip with the P.owercore II 6700 and after hours I had a fully charge OP6.

Go figure :rage:


$30 on a cable is better spent on a power bank with auto off feature (over charging/discharging).

I think the too Sony phones have the best charging software.

When plugged in from the wall, the phone learns your “wake up” time, and only charges to 100% half an hour before your wake.up time.

They also do “turbo” charging in the first 30 mins. So your phone becomes charged a lot quicker … So if you’re on 35% at charging time, after 30 mins, you’ll have 70% available

I’ve never heard about this but I’m not surprised Sony has always been ahead of the pack, or a least top 5.

It’s their “smart charge” system… Look it up.

Believe it or not, but it’s a feature I miss on my Galaxy S8. Having read up on it (couple years ago, when I had an XZ) I think it’s a great system and lengthens your battery’s life span.

Basically, instead of spending 8hrs on full charge, it only spends 30mins at full charge… We all know what happens if you keep blowing up a balloon :balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon: to max too many times!

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:thinking:Interesting. I have a note 8 and never noticed That feature but I always mess with the regular and developer settings. I wonder it is exclusive to the S8 & S9? I guess it’s true that you learn something new every day.

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It would be nice if you could go into more detail with regards to what you’re talking about in your original post.

I think some Anker PowerCores do automatically turn off at 100%. Not sure why you’d need that feature in a cable, as it’s not the power source. I think it would come in handy more in a wall/desktop charger.

Also, I know that some of Anker’s older PowerPort models featured a light that would change color when the device was fully charged, so they definitely have the technology. This was news to me while watching one of @TechnicallyWell’s reviews! Always very informative.


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