Cable fraying

Hey all so a year or two ago I bough the the lightning powerline+ six foot cable. I was so excited and has been my go to cable for forever. However now the cable has completely frayed at one end. Granted it still work but I don’t think it is supposed to do that. I don’t know if the warranty is up on it. Any ideas how to fix it or should I just ignore it because if it ain’t broke don’t fix it? Also has this happened to anyone else or is it just a me thing???

Regardless I would still recommend these cables to everyone because I love Anker with all of my heart!!!

Send an email to they will ask for your order number/se rial number of the cable to see if it’s still covered under warranty


When contacting the support you should add a photo of the defective cable of course.

If the warranty has expired now you should publish a photo here at the forum as well.

We are all technique geeks and we do a lot of repairs by ourselves.
So we like to help you if there is a possibility to fix this and give you suggestions how to do this. :slight_smile:

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Im pretty sure the Powerline+ only comes with an 18 month warranty so you may just have gone outta warranty depending on purchase dates. But as above, contact with all the relevant info including pics etc and I’m sure they will be able to advise better.

You may wanna note the Powerline+ II comes with a lifetime warranty if you are buying a new one :yum::slight_smile:


If your warranty is up jump on Amazon and have a look for Sugru, this is great for repairing cables if you want to go down that route.

I’ve used it for all sorts…comes in really handy.


@AndyBell :
Thank you for the hint with Sugru.
If this set covers all promises said at the descriptions its OK,
though it seem quite expensive for me.

I would recommend a simple “heat shrink tube”, which is quite more reasonably priced. :wink:


I buy it when it’s on offer…and a pack usually provides a fix for a quite a few different things so it works out pretty cheap.

Used it for all sorts, my sons charging cable, 3 broken zips, worn analogue xbox controller sticks. Its currently securing a loose car radio in my daily run-a-round as well.


I second in recommending Sugru, I have used this in the past on cables to reinforce the ends and also to fix my car key haha. Works great and can be used for many different things. Best way to biy it is in bulk or on sale


I’m always a little skeptical when reading propaganda of those kind of “new glue”.

For instance when called “NEW SUPERGLUE”.

Often neither “super” nor “glue”.:angry:

I like to get those hints, though I’m an " old, smart “home constructor” ".

Repairing nearly all things here in the house.
“The SUPER maintenance man”. :grin:

I got a cable that started fraying as well. It still works so I keep forgetting to email support about it. I’m honestly surprised it did fray. The rest of mine are older and in perfect shape and I use them way more than this one.

Glad it’s not just me

I’d be curious to see a pic of it. Anyway, cables are not impervious, especially not ones like microUSB or Lightning cables that see heavy use, being inserted and removed many times every day. I’m not trying to point fingers and say it’s your fault - well it might be, I’ve seen some people really abuse their cables - but it’s probably just normal wear and tear.

I also got a cable, but I usually stuff it into my bag, so it got twisted, But it is still working.

Yes indeed:
When unplugging, many users are pulling the cable not at the plug.
This is causing damages of course. :neutral_face: