Cable discussion

When it comes to cables, my house is definitely a torture zone when it comes to electronics. I wanted to share my experiences with just what Anker has done. :slight_smile:

I found that if I give my teenager a pair of headphones that have a removable audio cable, that cable is dead in a week. If I give my 8 year old a charging cable for her tablet, it is dead in a month.

That is until I discovered Anker. I got a couple of the USB cables and the audio cable and they are amazing! Talk about durable! The best part is they didn’t cost a ton! My son has had the same audio cable on his headset for over 2 months now and not so much as a stretch mark on them! I have since replaced almost all of the charging cables we use with Anker!

I am looking forward to trying the battery backups in the future! What are you favorite cables?

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Have to admit their cables are very strong, my official lightning cables get pulled and shoved into bags and usually last around a few months, haven’t had the Anker ones a long time but definitely more durable from the offset. :wink:

I keep one of Anker’s nylon charging cables in my car and I’m surprised how long it has held up… it’s going on 2 years now! Most of my charging cables stop working or become brittle in a few months in my car because of the extreme temperature swings my area experiences, but so far the Anker cable has held up well!

Even if my first product from anker was a battery for my old cell phone, what really got me engaged into their products were the cables. I have to recognize that.
Now, my question is for those who have used the audio cables, are they as good as the charging cables?

I would love Anker to make an audio cable with mic and remote control to use with my Audio-Technica M40X, since they don’t make this kind of cable.