Cable Comparison - What are the differences

What’s the better cable the Powerline II or the Powerline +?

I am getting a Powerline + II, whilst looking at the other cables for a car passenger spare.

Are the differences just the strength and durability of the cables, when fast charging is taken out if the equation.

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My personal preference is the Powerline+ range. I like the look, the colours and feel of the braided cable but both are extremely durable and great cables.

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Charging capabilities are identical. Yep, PowerLine II is rated to be more durable than PowerLine+, but PowerLine+ II is the strongest.

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I love my PowerLine+ II. As @joshuad11 said, “charging capabilities are identical.” Depending on how rough you are on your cables, PowerLine is more durable. But if cost is a factor and you don’t need it that tough, go with PowerLine vs II.

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I’ve got them all and while there’s no difference in charging capabilities for me I love the aesthetic look of the Powerline+ II.

I mean if it’s for a spare in the car you could just get the cheapest of the range or spend an extra quid to get a braided one which would be more durable.

I would go with Powerline 2.

Hi, please know we have different versions of cables. The Powerline+II is the upgraded version of the Powerline+, and the Powerline II is the upgraded version of the Powerline.

To answer your question, we can only say the Powerline II is newer than the Powerline+. We do not compare the Powerline II with the Powerline+ as they are totally different version. We only compare the Powerline+II with the Powerline+, and compare the Powerline II with the Powerline.

We believe there should be no different about the charging speed between the Powerline II and the Powerline+.

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So any cable with II is the better one :wink:


Also worth noting the differences in warranty.

PowerLine II comes with a lifetime warranty, wheres PowerLine+ is 18 months.

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The PoweLine II Cable’s
(both versions PowerLine II & PowerLine+ II)
Have Lifetime Warranty where as the previous versions have 18 months.


Thanks for pointing out the mistake :slight_smile:


@AnkerSupport @k_pug2003

We’re stuck reading tea leaves when Anker should provide us with this information. Say, a matrix on the Anker site as well as the Amazon product pages comparing the features and functionality of the different cables. Or a wizard that customers could walk through, where they’re asked questions about their specific goals. Or an FAQ, for goodness sake.

All the money we spend on Anker products, all our customer loyalty – and Anker effectively sends the message that they’d rather befuddle users into buying the latest and most expensive items. Seriously. I see no other explanation, when I look at all the posts over the years on the Anker forum and other sites from consumers simply trying to make informed purchase choices

If anyone on this thread either has a line to Anker employees, or a following on Twitter or other sites, I urge you to raise this issue.