Cable companies may be forced to be more transparent about your bill

Here’s another tech article! (Kinda)

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Can’t stand these companies. They inundate me with offers in the mail and phone calls and they’re all completely opaque. I wish i didn’t have to send them any money at all but I use the internet, and our providers are so limited in my area that I don’t really have a choice.

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Hate them all, customer service sucks in all of them, having used 3 different already. In Europe they work far better.

Yep! Not only cable companies but wireless too. I tried to upgrade my phone and right now Verizon has “buy an iPhone and get a free iPhone XR”. So what they don’t tell you is a $35 activation fee for each new phone, all tax upfront for each phone, the supposed to be free phone (up to $750) will be a monthly credit for 24 months, and if trading in another phone they will give you a monthly credit for 24 months instead of just taking it directly off of the price! So I kept my old iPhone 7 and rethinking what to do!

I cut the cord years ago. Never been more happy. With over air channels, periodic free subscriptions etc don’t feel the need for cable.
Only pay for internet and mobile service from comcast.

I had the same thing. But I got the XR. The company said they would be more lenient since I’ve been with Verizon for 10 years.

Here in the UK, we have OFCOM.COM

It’s the office of communications (ofcom) and it already has teeth, and will BITE if companies misbehave!

In fact, only very recently 2 large corporations were fine a few thousand for not complying to a request for specific information.

I get their emails, and it’s quite good to know what’s new, and what’s happening in coms. Whether it’s mobile phone companies worst complained about list, or cable or whatever.

Hopefully, this will be as beneficial as ofcom has been for us.


TMobile is worse when it comes to bill credits. They are doing 36 months now